The First Time We Met:

Her Version: It was my first day on set and I was nervous and anxious. If you know me, you know I'm a workaholic and perfectionist. I was extremely focused and got in the production van heading to set for the first shot of the day. This friendly Black man got on right behind me and was very talkative. I was happy that he was nice but I was just trying to wrap my head around the day.

His Version: I walked to work, seeing we were filming near Spelman College - close to my Atlanta loft. I arrived to "base camp" early and begun to explore. Crew parking, where the crew leave their cars and catch rides to the filming location, I noticed a beautiful Spelmanite sitting alone in a 15 passenger van. Though I didn't park my car and intended to walk to set, I jumped in the van to talk with my future fiancee. I initially thought Paige was an actress, only to find out shortly later that she was a producer on the show. I told myself, "This one's gonna be trouble." The damage was done and our friendship begun to grow.

I Knew I Liked You When:

Her Version: My birthday is a national holiday and it's close to Valentine's Day..a little holiday that can't hold a candle to 2/18! Alex and his friend brought roses to all of the women on set. A camera PA came up to me and said she had something to give to me from Alex and if I could come with her. She showed me a huge bucket, that was filled with hot sauce from all over the world. I absolutely love hot sauce and there is a video of me stealing some from a hot set...crafty was all out guys! Alex had gifted me a bucket of hot sauce and every bottle was labeled with romance or rom com movies. 

His Version: I knew when I met her.

Our First Date 

Her Version: Alex asked what my favorite type of pasta was and I told him. He recreated that meal in his loft with a very nice white wine. 

His Version: I invited Paige to my bachelor's pad, where I cooked for her. The only thing I asked was for her to bring lemons. I prepped the dinner when I get a call from my neighbor. Apparently, a girl was downstairs blocking the garage yelling at people with a bag of lemons in her hand... again, TROUBLE!

When We Realized We Were In This for Life

Her Version: Alex has always been very thoughtful and intentional. From remembering my favorite wine to knowing my complicated Chipotle order. I had just lost Scooby and was a complete wreck. I didn't want to talk to anyone or do anything. Alex called and said "I'm sorry for your loss but can you do me a favor. Can you send me a few pictures of Scooby and tell me a few stories so that I can remember him with you?" Yup that did it.

His Version: After filming the series, Ambitions, Paige and I did not talk much for the following two years. She actually blocked my number for a moment, saying I was too aggressive. Whatever that means. Covid hit. Life moved on. Suddenly, I get a called from Paige asking if I knew any movers in Atlanta. I didn't, however I knew she knew how to use google. I figured this was her attempt to reconnect. I played game, knowing this time would be the right time.